Saddam Hussein Had Koran Written Using His Own Blood

>> Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saddam orders to write the Koran from his blood
Iraq, Politics, 2/5/2004

After his son Ode was exposed to an assassination attempt which he survived miraculously in 1998, the toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ordered one Iraqi calligrapher to write the full text of the holy Koran from his ( Saddam ) blood, according to this artist who is currently living in Amman.

He said he had used to receive regularly amounts of blood on that it is from the blood of Saddam Hussein. ( Saddam donate 27 litter for the his quran)

The Calligrapher, Abbas Shaker Joudi, said that "Saddam Hussein summoned me to Ibn Sinai ( Avecina ) hospital in Baghdad, where he used to visit his son Ode who was exposed several days earlier to an assassination attempt, and asked me to write the Koran from his blood. This matter was a sort of vow from Saddam's side," Joudi said.


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